Warm and Cool

Specialists in Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

Based in Dunedin & Queenstown, we service Otago, Southland and South Canterbury.

Heating & Cooling

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Solar & Energy

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Warm and Cool

Heating, Cooling, Solar and Ventilation Specialists

Heating & Cooling Experts

Warm and Cool are suppliers of energy efficient heating and cooling systems including heat pumps, under floor heating systems, ducted heating systems and modern heat pump powered radiators.

We are experts in heat pump powered under floor heating systems having pioneered the use of air to water heat pump technology across Otago, Southland and South Canterbury more than 30 years ago and 2,000 systems installed.

Warm and Cool also designs, installs and supports ducted heating systems, modern and stylish radiators as well as traditional wall mounted heat pumps all powered by highly energy efficient heat pump based technology.

Solar & Energy Solutions

Solar energy generation, battery storage and water heating are a natural pairing and complement to our energy efficient heating systems. Rapid advancements in technology has made solar accessible to most budgets offering very compelling cost savings. Our experienced energy consultants can help design a suitably sized grid-tied or off-grid energy solution for your home.

Warm and Cool exclusively uses quality long-life solar panels that have been proven in the harshest of European and North American conditions. Similarly our battery storage systems use the very latest in battery technology offering superior safety, capacity and life-span. Plus our solar hot water systems can all but eliminate the cost of domestic hot water heating.

Superior Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

Home ventilation systems reduce moisture, dampness and condensation preventing the growth of dangerous moulds and resulting in a drier more comfortable and healthy living environment. However not all Heat Recovery Ventilation systems are created equal.

Warm and Cool recommends Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems not Positive Pressure Systems.

Whether you are building, renovating or just wanting to be warmer and drier in your current home, Warm and Cool are confident we can design an energy efficient solution.

Please contact one of Warm and Cool's experienced consultants today to discuss your heating, cooling, solar energy or home ventilation requirements.

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