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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicle (EV) uptake in New Zealand is growing rapidly and many manufacturers have announced final dates for the production of petrol and diesel powered vehicles. As the number of EVs grows, a new recharging infrastructure will be required to support them, though the majority of vehicles will be recharged at home most of the time.

electric vehicle charger

Faster recharging times

Vehicle recharging time is a key metric in the EV world - the time it takes to recharge your vehicle directly determines how you will use it and how convenient it ultimately will be.

Recharging time is constrained by three limiting factors:

  • The EV's onboard charger

  • The charging station

  • The charging cable

The next generation of EVs are expected to possess higher recharging rates. These new EVs will require charging stations that support higher rates For this reason it’s important, that you select an EV charging station that is future proofed in order to protect your investment in electric vehicle technology.

Smart electric vehicle charging

Warm and Cool are certified resellers and service agents for Schneider and Sonnen electric vehicle chargers.

Our consultants can help you design a suitably sized recharging solution that will minimise your electricity costs.

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