Power your car with Solar Electricity

Warm and Cool believes that the age of the electric car is now upon us. Given New Zealand's substantially green electricity, when combined with free electricity sourced from the Sun, we believe that we are on the point of a revolution in the way we commute to work, school and generally get about town.

Technological advances made over the past decade are now affordable to the average household resulting in real and significant savings in the cost of powering our lives – both at home and now on the road.

Solar panel

Warm and Cool can assist you in obtaining a Nissan LEAF - the world’s biggest selling electric vehicle (sourced directly from Japan), pairing it with electricity generated via Solar Panels allowing you to potentially save thousands of dollars annually on your vehicle running costs and enjoy the quiet smooth comfort of an electric vehicle.

Not widely known is the dual functionality of the Nissan LEAF's battery. In December 2016 the cost of 5,000 watts of residential battery storage was approximately $10,000. Even the earliest model of LEAF has a battery capacity of 24,000 watts - a $50,000 value when compared to conventional battery storage. Warm and Cool can source via Japan, quality pre-owned Nissan LEAFs starting from $24,000 - less than half the cost of conventional batteries. Available soon, through technology developed in the UK, is the ability to feed electricity back into your house from an electric vehicle such as the LEAF. So in the evening you can achieve nearly 100% power savings through the marriage of solar electricity generated freely during the day and stored in the LEAF's battery for use at night!

At Warm and Cool we operate a Nissan LEAF as part of our vehicle fleet. It is charged from the electricity mains with support from z small solar system installed on our building in Kaikorai Valley Road. The total running cost, assuming a value of 25c per kW, over a 12 month period is around $10 a week. The true cost however with the solar support taken into consideration is nearer $6 a week, which is quite astounding when you consider the vehicle travels to and from Company Bay every weekday, around town during the day and sometimes weekend use as well.

Talk to Warm and Cool today about solar for your home or business - you'll be impressed by the returns that can be achieved comapred to those on offer through a bank (even with a small $100 saving in power you save 15% on the GST component alone). Talk to us also about test driving one of these amazing electric vehicles - the switch to electricity from fossel fuels will happen much faster than most people realise.

Nissan LEAF

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What is the Nissan LEAF?

Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF is a compact five door hatchback featuring everything you would expect from a modern family vehicle (air-conditioning, ABS brakes, electric mirrors, reversing camera) along with a generous amount of boot space. However, the Nissan LEAF isn’t your normal run-of-the-mill hatchback.

LEAF stands for Leading Environmentally friendly Affordable Family car and as of December 2015, the LEAF is the world's all-time best selling highway-capable all-electric car with more than 200,000 units sold worldwide. Yes that's right, the LEAF is an electric vehicle – it is powered by electricity and not petrol or diesel. But the key thing to remember about the Nissan LEAF is that it is still a car, with all the features you would expect, just like the car you drive today, only a little special in some very good ways.

The LEAF was won a number of international awards.

Electric cars are about to become mainstream

Plummeting battery prices over recent years means plug-in electric vehicles are poised to challenge fossil fueled vehicles in mainstream use.

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Battery price chart

Why an Electric Car?

Charging Nissan LEAF

An electric vehicle has a number of advantages over a traditional fossil fueled vehicle:

Running cost – avoid ever fluctuating petrol prices and run your vehicle on cheap electricity. Take advantage of cheap night rate electricity or charge on-demand when required. Alternatively combine with Solar Panels and run your car on free electricity from the Sun! Every dollar saved at the petrol pump is worth more when you factor in the income tax paid in earning that dollar.

Convenience – the battery in an electric vehicle is charged just like your laptop or cellphone. Simply plug it in at home or at work and it starts charging, ready for your next journey. Trips to the petrol station become a thing of the past.

Performance – electric vehicles offer a very smooth driving experience with excellent performance – the Nissan LEAF has a top speed of 150km/h and features excellent acceleration and torque.

Maintenance cost – forget oil, coolant, air-filter and anti-freeze changes or replacing timing and CAM belts. Electric motors are very simple compared to the internal combustion engine that powers conventional vehicles. There is very little to service and much less that can breakdown resulting in unexpected expense.

Clean & green – an electric vehicle has zero emissions (no greenhouse or toxic exhaust fumes) and is powered by renewable energy (80% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated via renewable sources – hydro, wind, solar).

Quiet – electric vehicles are very quiet. The benefit of quiet running needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Warm and Cool are agents for Schneider Electric's EVlink domestic vehicle chargers.

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Schneider Electric EVlink

How does the LEAF work?

Instead of a petrol powered internal combustion engine (the technology that has powered motor vehicles for more than a century), the Nissan LEAF has an electric motor that is powered by a battery. In comparison to the internal combustion engine, an electric motor is much simpler with fewer components that need to be serviced or that can fail.

The LEAF’s battery is placed out of sight beneath the car’s floor giving the vehicle a low centre of gravity while also increasing structural rigidity – both beneficial safety features.

Charging the LEAF’s battery involves simply plugging a power cord into one of its two charging ports. One port is designed for home 240 volt power and when paired with a home charging unit (requires a 15 amp charging cable and a 15 amp wall socket) will recharge the battery from 0% to 100% in as little as 4 hours. Alternatively the supplied cable can be plugged into a standard domestic wall socket and recharge from 0% to 100% in under 12 hours. The second charging port is the fastest charging option and is designed for use with high voltage DC public charging stations that can charge the battery from 0% to 80% capacity in approximately 30 minutes. The LEAF's battery is designed for a long useful life - Nissan states that after ten years of use it should retain 80% of its initial capacity.

Also while driving, the LEAF uses a technology called Regenerative Braking which uses energy collected during normal braking procedures to recharge the battery.

The LEAF has a driving range of 80 to 120 km on a full battery charge depending on the terrain being driven. This range makes the LEAF the ideal commuter and around town vehicle for most families.

Purchasing an imported Nissan LEAF

Quality pre-owned Nissan LEAFs can be delivered for between $20,000 and $30,000 (price varies depending on specific model and year). These recent model imported cars feature quality batteries with the majority of their life still remaining.

Let Warm and Cool arrange a test drive and you can experience the difference that electric vehicle ownership brings – not only to your bank account but also to the driving experience in general.

Award winning technology and performance

When launched this vehicle's technology innovation was recognised in the following awards:

2010 Green Car Vision Award
2011 European Car of the Year
2011 World Car of the Year
2011–12 Japanese Car of the Year

In 2016 this technology has proven itself and the LEAF is now the world's highest selling electric vehicle and now available in New Zealand in an affordable solar plus vehicle package.

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