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Heating & Cooling Solutions

Warm and Cool are suppliers of energy efficient heating and cooling systems including heat pumps, under floor heating systems, ducted heating systems and modern heat pump powered radiators. Over a period of more than three decades we've installed in excess of 2,000 heating systems across homes in Otago and Southland. Our Dunedin and Queenstown based consultants are highly experienced and can design an efficient heating solution, for both new and existing homes, for all budgets.

Dunedin & Queenstown heat pumps

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are a hugely popular heating solution for Kiwi homes due to their simplicity, convenience, energy efficiency and great value for money. They are an easy way to provide a warm and dry healthy home.

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Dunedin & Queenstown under floor heating

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating systems produce radiant heat by heating all the objects in your home (floor, walls, carpet, furniture, you) and not just the air around the objects like convection based systems resulting in a more comfortable living environment.

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Dunedin & Queenstown heat pump powered radiator


Radiators are a proven source of radiant heat that has been used extensively for many decades in businesses, hospitals and schools. The convenience of modern air to water heat pumps now make radiators an excellent energy efficient form of home heating.

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Dunedin & Queenstown ducted heating system

Ducted Heating

Ducted heating systems are the ultimate form of heat pump powered convection heating. They deliver a comfortable even energy efficient temperature throughout the house rather than heating / cooling a single room or area like a traditional wall-mounted heat pump.

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Dunedin & Queenstown heat pump servicing

Keep your system running with regular servicing

To ensure your heating system continues to operate at peak efficiency and meet warranty requirements Warm and Cool recommends an annual maintenance check.

Learn what our annual comprehensive maintenance service includes.

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