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Solar and the field of alternative energy have seen major change over the past decade and this pace of change has only been increasing. Solar energy is a natural complement to Warm and Cool's energy efficient heating and cooling systems so it shouldn't be surprising that we have been designing, installing and supporting solar energy and hot water systems for almost as long.

solar panels

Solar Energy

Warm and Cool can help you "go green" and harness free energy from the Sun. You'll save money and reduce or eliminate reliance upon electricity retailers.

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solar battery storage

Battery Storage

Being limited to daylight hours, solar panels alone cannot be considered a complete electricity supply solution but when combined with battery storage the potential of a solar array can be fully realised.

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solar hot water collector

Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water system uses the sun's unlimited free energy to heat your home's water and can significantly reduce your home's ongoing electricity costs.

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electric vehicle charger

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Warm and Cool's consultants can help you design a suitably sized recharging solution that will minimise your electricity costs and will be future proofed for the next generation of electric vehicles.

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heat pump servicing

Keep your system running with regular servicing

To ensure your solar energy, hot water or battery storage system continues to operate at peak efficiency and meet warranty requirements Warm and Cool recommends an annual maintenance check.

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