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Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy allows you to harness free energy from the Sun and "go green", save money and reduce or eliminate reliance upon electricity retailers. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are arranged in groups or arrays - the more panels in an array the more electricity can be generated.

Solar energy systems can be either grid-tied or off-grid

Grid-tied solar energy

Grid-tied systems supplement the electricity supply from your electricity retailer. Some electricity retailers will allow you to "sell back" excess electricity you generate, further reducing your monthly electricity bills. A Grid-tied system can also be paired with a storage battery that allows you to maximise the use of the free and green electricity that you have produced.

Off-grid solar energy

Off-grid systems completely replaces the role of the electricity retailer. To achieve this, off-grid systems require a storage battery enabling the supply electricity outside of daylight hours.

Is solar energy for me?

Being limited to daylight hours, solar may not be for everyone. If you work from home or are retired, then solar is a great option to reduce your electricity charges. If your home is predominantly empty during the day, then solar may not be a good fit unless you pair it with battery storage. Conversely, businesses and commercial properties will benefit from solar solutions during the day.

The missing piece to the solar energy puzzle is often the ability to store electricity for later use. Battery storage makes solar energy viable for everyone. Warm and Cool are certified resellers and service agents for leading brands of battery storage systems.

A Warm and Cool consultant will be happy to discuss how solar energy can be made to work for you and allow you to save money on your electricity bill.

Solar energy sizing guide

Capacity Panels Roof Area
2.0 kw 7 18 m2
3.0 kw 11 20 m2
4.0 kw 14 23 m2
5.0 kw 18 30 m2

Investing in solar energy

The cost of going Solar is often discussed in relation to payback - how long before the initial investment in the system is covered? This is difficult to accurately calculate as everyone’s usage and generating ability is different, but it is important to consider a few variables:

  • Retail electricity prices are rising.

  • Bank interest rates are low.

  • The efficiency of solar systems is increasing.

  • Solar energy you produce is tax free.

  • A solar system will add to the value of your home.

solar panel array

Solar panels

When choosing a solar energy system make sure that the solar panels come from an reptable manufacturer and employ the latest technology. PV technology is changing constantly and the efficiency of panels has seen steady improvement over recent years. A difference of even just 1% efficiency in the panels will have a significant impact on the amount of electricity they generate over their life.

Warm and Cool uses quality panels that have been proven in the harshest of European and North American conditions. They are designed to handle heavy snow and wind loads and are backed with impressive manufacturers’ warranties.

enphase micro inverter

Micro inverters

Every solar energy system has a device called an inverter that converts the direct current electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current electricity for use in the home. The choice of inverter technology can have a significant impact on the performance of the system.

Traditional installations employ a single inverter for the entire array of panels – the panels are arranged as a “string” each one joined to the next. When a single inverter is used for all the panels the performance of each panel in the array is limited to the panel with the lowest output. For example, if one panel in the array is in shade and operating at say 50% efficiency then the remaining panels will also be limited to 50% efficiency.

A micro inverter installation however pairs each panel with a small “micro” inverter making the panel’s operation independent of the other panels in the array which maximises the performance of your system. An additional benefit of micro inverters is that they make ie easy to add more panels later.

canadian solar panels enphase micro inverters

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