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Solar Hot Water

The cost of heating domestic hot water is typically 30-40% of the total annual household energy budget, so it is a good place to look to make savings. The sun is an unlimited source of free energy which arguably makes solar hot water the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, water heating solution available and will significantly reduce your ongoing hot water costs.

Hot water from the sun

Solar hot water heating systems work by cycling water from the hot water cylinder through solar collectors which expose the water to the sun’s radiant heat.

There are a number of important factors to consider before purchasing and installing a system in order to maximise your potential savings.

The first and most important decision is what type of solar hot water system to choose. There are two main types, each with its own advantages.

Flat Plate Collector

flate plate collector

These resemble a skylight with a protective transparent glass cover.

Evacuated Glass Tube Collector

evacuated glass tube collector

These comprise of glass tubes laying vertically down the roof.

A Warm and Cool Heating and Energy Consultant will work with you to determine which solution will be more suitable for your home and your budget. This process includes calculating the size and location of your solar hot water system to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Warm and Cool will also advise you on the technical aspects of your system including pumps, boosters, and the suitability of your existing hot water cylinder if you have one.

While there appears to be a lot to consider, our consultants are very experienced and will make this quick and easy to understand.

Advantages of Solar Hot Water

Near zero running cost


Solar energy is free. Once installed, the cost of heating water is close to zero.

Environmentally friendly


Apart from the potential cost of running a booster and pump, the system has no carbon emissions.



Solar hot water systems are mature, reliable and simple, having few moving parts. They are designed for years of exposure to the elements and have low maintenance requirements.



The systems are virtually silent in operation.

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