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Ducted Heating Systems

Ducted heating systems deliver a comfortable even temperature throughout your home and are the ultimate form of heat pump powered convection heating. This is an advantage over wall-mounted heat pumps which will deliver heating or cooling to a single area of the home.

ducted heating system

Heat the house not a room

As the name suggests, ducted systems transfer heated or cooled air through a network of ducting placed in the ceiling or floor cavity of the house. The air then enters the home through discrete ceiling or floor mounted vents. Apart from the vents the bulk of the system is hidden out of sight requiring no floor or wall space.

Ducted Systems allow the home to be divided into zones, typically aligning with rooms which can be individually controlled.

Advantages of Ducted Heating Systems

Energy Efficiency


A heat pump can be up to 400% energy efficient, so for every $1 spent on heating a heat pump will produce up to $4 worth of heat. This is why heat pumps are the preferred heating solution for thousands of Kiwi homes.

Zones allow individual room temperatures to be controlled, meaning heat is delivered only to the areas that need it.

Simple and Precise Control


Digital thermostatically controlled temperature delivery is standard on our ducted heating systems. This allows for precise temperature selection with the press of a button.

Warm and Cool supplied ducted systems can be fully programmed. For example the desired temperature can be automatically increased after sunset; or during the week the system can idle while the family is at work and school.

Remote control via smart phone App is an option on many of our systems, making them extremely flexible.

Zero footprint


With no wall or floor mounted units, ducted systems are virtually invisible and consume no usable space in your home.



Our ducted heating systems are extremely quiet in operation within the home.

Improved Air Quality


Air filtering is an option on many of our systems. This is particularly important to asthma and allergy sufferers.

Low maintenance


Warm and Cool works with reputable and well-known heat pump brands to ensure that our heat pumps are both reliable and require minimal maintenance.

Suitable for existing and new homes


Ducted Heating systems can be retrofitted into existing homes as well as new house builds. Flexible ducting in either the ceiling or floor space makes these systems ideal when renovating.

Heat pump ducted heating systems

Smart Air Conditioning

Getting the most out of your ducted heating system requires control and there are no better solutions than AirTouch 4 which Warm and Cool are agents for. The AirTouch 4 takes ducted heating to a whole new level of comfort and energy efficiency, with a fully integrated control of multiple air conditioning units, and up to 16 zones within your home. AirTouch 4's touch screen makes it simple to control the heating in each room of your house, allowing you to easily make adjustments when desired.

AirTouch 4 allows you to monitor and control your home heating and cooling from the convenience of a smart phone which included programmable features sending you alerts if temperatures drop. In addition, AirTouch 4 can be controlled via simple voice commands issued to a smart assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Ducted heating systems

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