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Under Floor Heating

Warm and Cool are the southern experts in under floor heating systems. We've been installing our heat pump powered under floor systems across Dunedin, Queenstown, Otago and Southland for more than 30 years and now have more than 2,000 satistfied customers.

A more comfortable home heating option

Under floor heating systems warm your home in a different manner to the likes of heat pumps and fan heaters. Under floor heating systems produce radiant heat by heating all the objects in your home (floor, walls, carpet, furniture, you) and not just the air around the objects.

Homes with under floor heating systems "feel" different. Radiant heat is typically more comfortable with no cold spots - the entire floor becomes the heater leaving cold with nowhere to hide!

By comparison convection heating systems such as wall mounted heat pumps produce heat by warming air and because warm air rises this means that a room will warm up from the ceiling down and won't feel completely warm until a build up of heat has been established at ceiling height and then lowers down through the space.

As simple as heated water…

Our radiant under floor heating systems work simply and reliably by circulating heated water through piping buried within the house slab (retro-fit options are available for existing homes). The water can be heated by a number of methods, but the large majority of our customers choose to use air to water heat pumps, taking advantage of the huge energy and operating benefits that heat pumps bring.

Under floor heating experts

Over three decades, Warm and Cool has installed more than 2,000 under floor heating systems across Dunedin, Queenstown, Otago and Southland.

We pioneered the use of air to water heat pump technology in the region and have a wealth of experience to draw upon. In short, we know what works best and how to get the most out of the systems we sell and support.

under floor heating

Versatile and flexible

Our heat pump powered under floor systems have a number of optional add-ons and are not just limited to heating the floor. These include:

Domestic hot water
The same heat source powering the under floor heating can be used to heat a home's domestic hot water supply. This is a particularly attractive option when paired with an air to water heat pump and can have a dramatic (70%) reduction in the cost of water heating which is a large portion of a home’s overall electricity costs.

Air to water systems are incredibly versatile and can also be used to heat spas and swimming pools.

Summer cooling
Ceiling cassettes and floor units can be paired with our heat pump powered under floor heating solutions. The units provide the benefit of an instant heat boost in winter or cooling in summer, independent of the floor temperature setting.

Warm and Cool sells a range of modern stylish radiators which can be added to your under floor heating system in situations or rooms that may not allow under floor heating.

Advantages of Under Floor Heating

Energy Efficiency


Radiant heat is more comfortable and will maintain temperatures with up to 30% less energy than a hot air system. Radiant heat also has fewer energy losses when ventilating your home.

Heat Pump powered Under Floor systems can be "charged" overnight like a battery using cheap night rate electricity, then acting as a thermal mass the next day, slowly releasing the heat throughout the house.

Heat Pump powered systems can optionally heat domestic hot water, further increasing overall energy savings.

Healthier Living


Radiant heated homes help to create a healthy environment as many dust mites etc. cannot live in the floor covering due to a lack of moisture. Radiant floors create less convection than hot air systems, hence less dust and airborne particles creating a healthier environment resulting in less dusting.

Precise Control


Our under floor systems allow the temperature of areas and rooms to be individually controlled. For example, it is possible to configure zones on the warmer side of the house separately from zones on the colder side to give greater control and energy efficiency as temperatures vary in these different areas. Zones can also be turned off when not in use.

The temperature of homes heated with under floor heating systems is under constant thermostat control and can be programmed to increase/decrease at different times of the day, or days of the week. And on those particularly cold days the temperature can always be easily adjusted at the press of a button, raising or lowering it as required (response time for a hydronic floor is from 30 to 45 minutes). In addition, WiFi enabled systems can be controlled remotely via a smart phone allowing adjustment before leaving work or returning from holidays for example.

Unobtrusive and Silent


Unless optional floor units or radiators are installed, an under floor heating system is unobtrusive and requires no floor, wall, or ceiling space. This is the most aesthetic heating solution and is almost silent in operation within the home.

Reliability and Low Maintenance


Our heat pump powered floors are very reliable and have modest maintenance requirements. Warm and Cool provide a full maintenance and servicing programme to ensure that your system continues to run reliably and efficiently for years to come.

retro-fit under floor heating

Retrofit option for existing homes

The benefits of Under Floor heating are not limited to just new home builds. Warm and Cool can retrofit under floor systems into existing homes using a European system that is well proven and in extensive use. The system involves raising the floor level by approximately 40mm-50mm, laying cement board (suitable for carpet or flooring) on top of a metal tray conduit for the water pipes, under which sits a layer of closed cell foam insulation.

Please contact us for more information about retrofit Under Floor heating solutions.

wood boiler

Alternative water heating sources

Warm and Cool can offer the following alternative water heating sources which may be preferred in some circumstances:

  • Diesel Boilers

  • Wood / Diesel Boilers

  • Electric Boilers

Please contact us if you have specialised heating needs or require more information about any of these alternatives.

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