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Heat Pumps are a hugely popular heating solution for Kiwi homes due to their simplicity, convenience, energy efficiency and great value for money. They are an easy way to provide a warm and dry healthy home. Heat pumps offer an excellent heating and cooling solution whether you are building or just looking to replace or supplement an existing heating system.

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Trusted Brands

When choosing a heat pump system there are a lot of options available to New Zealand consumers. Not all heat pumps are created equal, and some are more suited to certain climates, and house styles than others.

Warm and Cool carry a range of industry leading brands which means we can help you select the most suitable heat pump for your climate, home and budget. Our Heating and Energy Consultants will calculate the required capacity for the space to be heated so you are not under specifying or over specifying the system. They will recommend the optimal placement for both the inside and outside components and arrange installation around your requirements. Our goal is to work through the end-to-end process with you to ensure that you choose the heating solution that is right for you.

Finally, our certified technicians will perform annual maintenance checks and servicing to ensure that your heat pump continues to function reliably and efficiently for years to come.

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Advantages of Heat Pumps

Energy Efficiency


Modern heat pumps can deliver in the order of 400% energy gains. In simple terms what this means is for every $1 spent on electricity, a Heat Pump will produce $4 worth of heat. Plus, a heat pump will achieve this without expelling any pollutants – just air. Considered in conjunction with the clean renewable hydro and wind electricity generation prevalent in New Zealand, the carbon footprint of heat pumps is very low.

Simple and Precise Control


A digital thermostat controls the heat pump allowing very precise temperature control and also allows for easy adjustment when requirements change. In addition, modern heat pumps can be programmed to operate autonomously, ensuring for example, the house is warm when you return home from work on a cold winter’s evening.

Quiet and Unobtrusive


Being wall or floor mounted, a heat pump takes up very little space. The “engine” of the heat pump, the condenser, sits outside of the building meaning inside heat pumps are very quiet when operating. If you have no space to mount a heat pump then consider a ducted heat pump system which use low profile ceiling mounted or floor mounted vents.

Low Maintenance


Warm and Cool works with reputable and well-known heat pump brands to ensure that our heat pumps are both reliable and require minimal maintenance.



Heat pumps have no hot surfaces which makes their operation safe for your family.

Improved Air Quality


Heat pumps improve the quality of air within the home as they are fitted with filtration and deoderising systems which remove tiny airborne particles; something that is important for asthma and allergy sufferers.



While the primary objective in installing a heat pump is typically to warm the house, heat pumps have the added bonus of being able to operate in reverse, cooling during the warmer summer months.

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