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Heat Recovery Ventilation

A properly ventilated home is a healthier home. Home ventilation helps reduce moisture, dampness and condensation preventing the growth of dangerous moulds and results in a dryer more comfortable living environment. Heat recovery ventilation combines air ventilation with heat retention. It’s like opening a window for fresh air but without the accompanying loss of heat.

Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation

There are two types of Heat Recovery Ventilation systems.

Positive pressure systems take heated air from the ceiling space forcing it back into the house, with the air then leaking outside through small gaps around doors and windows.

Balanced pressure systems replace warm stale air with fresh air, recapturing as much of the latent heat as possible (up to 95% of heat can be retained). The equivalent volume of fresh outside air is drawn into the home without many of the contaminant risks of roof-space air. This process genuinely removes moisture from the home and reduces heating requirements.

Balanced Pressure systems can be fitted with high-grade filters with options to remove pollen or excess carbon, which is health advantage particularly for people with allergies.

Warm and Cool recommends balanced pressure ventilation systems due to their inherent advantages over positive pressure systems.

Advantages of Heat Recovery Ventilation



Moist air is replaced with fresh dry air resulting in a dryer more comfortable living environment. Less moisture reduces dampness and condensation, inhibiting the growth of moulds.

Ventilation is not just about temperature and moisture control but also about air health. A balanced pressure system filters the incoming air for allergens like pollen and excess carbon.

Energy efficiency


Balanced pressure ventilation systems can retain up to 95% of the heat in the stale air that it replaces and the systems themselves are very energy efficient and have low running costs.

Simple control


Our heat recovery systems are easy to control and can be programmed to operate automatically.



Our ventilation systems are almost silent in operation.

New and existing homes


Balanced pressure systems can be retro-fitted into existing homes and are the preferred solution for homes where moisture is a problem.

Low maintenance


Maintaining a balanced pressure heat recovery system involves periodically cleaning the filters to keep the system running at an optimal level. This task can be completed by the homeowner or Warm and Cool can do this during the ongoing servicing of the system.

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