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Heat Pump Powered Radiators

Radiators are a proven source of radiant heat that has been used extensively in New Zealand for many decades. However, their use has been mostly limited to the commercial, health and education sectors and not in Kiwi homes. Radiators have in the past required a boiler to heat water. The inconvenience of having to manage a boiler has limited the uptake of this excellent form of heating, that is until now.

heat pump

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to water heat pump technology has re-invented the traditional radiator transforming it into a modern energy efficient heating option for both new and existing homes.

Just as importantly, our range of contemporarily designed radiators look good too.

Advantages of Radiators

Energy Efficiency


Like our Under Floor heating systems, a radiator run by a heat pump can be up to 400% energy efficient, meaning for every $1 spend on heating up to $4 worth of heat can be produced.

Air to water heat pump systems can optionally heat domestic hot water, further increasing overall energy savings.

Simple and Precise Control


A digital thermostat allowing very precise temperature control governs the heat pump’s operations - far more than, say, a log burner or other uncontrolled heat source, allowing for single degree accuracy with simple button press adjustments when requirements change.

Modern heat pumps can also be programmed, ensuring for example, the house is already warm when you return home from. Many systems can also be controlled remotely via a smart phone giving ultimate control and flexibility.



Our heat pump powered radiators systems are almost silent in operation within the home.

Suitable for existing homes


Radiators can be retrofitted into existing homes as well as new house builds. Radiators are well worth considering when planning your home renovations.

Cooling option


The same heat pump can be paired with ceiling cassettes and floor units to provide the benefit of cooling in summer or an instant heat boost in winter.

Low maintenance


Warm and Cool works with reputable and well-known heat pump brands to ensure that our heat pumps are both reliable and require minimal maintenance.

Stylish elegant designs

Our high-end radiators are predominantly sourced from Europe and manufactured to stringent British standards. Styles range from the traditional column radiators often preferred in older homes through to more contemporary designs featuring a modern minimalistic look. Colours can also be ordered to complement a particular interior design.

heat pump powered radiator
heat pump powered radiator
heat pump powered radiator

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